Healthy Pharma for pharmaceutical Industry and Importing is a specialized company that imports and promotes pharmaceutical and herbal therapeutic products, cosmetics, as well as medical supplies.



1985:Healthy Pharma group was founded as Yemeni companies in the field of pharm oancee uotfi cthale p prioodnuecetrs wholesaling and marketing.

            Since its establishment, Healthy Pharma has been taking the responsibility of providing its clients with products of high quality including brands such as, Pfizer, Roche, Novartis, and Glaxo Smith.

1995:  Healthy Pharma has managed to gain the exclusive agency in the Middle East for some global medicine factories including Ibn Hayyan pharmaceutical& Alrazi lab.

2002:  Healthy Pharma started importing products of high quality from Europe such as the well-known trademarks of Rafarm & Globale Pharma.

2003:  A new agent "Mohammed Jameel stores for medicine and medical appliances" has joined us.

2008:  A new agent "Abu Jarier for medicine and medical appliances"' has joined us.

2014 : Healthy Pharma became the exclusive agent for AL SHAHBA PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES.

2016:  Healthy Pharma started building its own factory "Healthy Pharma for pharmaceutical industries.

Through this journey of success Healthy Pharma has been developing in sure steps. Many things have been achieved by Healthy Pharma but we still have more to achieve.